Author: Andrew from Moscow

Potato wine from Vologda.

For making drink we need potato - 2 kg, boiled water - 3.5l, ginger - 40 g   sugar - 4 glasses(0,8l total), yeast - 1 spoon, raisins -1/2 of glass, juice of one lemon and one orange and barleycorn - 1/2 glass.
  Potatoes must be smooth and average size. Wash it and cut into slices with peel. Fill water, add ginger and stay it for four days. After that add sugar, raisins, barleycorn, yeast and juice of lemon and orange.
  Put into dark and warm place. When fermentation will finish - mix all and stay for another for days. Then filter drink through several layers of gauze, pour into wooden keg and stay for a half of year in the cool place. After that pour wine into bottles. It could be drink now.