Author - Ludmila from Kondopoga town (Rep. Karelia, Russia) 
Canned tomatoes in jelly (for storage)


    Cut tomatoes and put them into glass jars. There will be left 3 cm from top of jar to tomatoes. Then put into jar (above tomatoes) 4-5 circles of cut onion, bay leaves, garlic, dill, parsley, balls of black pepper.  
    Put 30g of gelatin into 400g of water for fifty minutes. Prepare marinade: half a liter of water, two table spoons with sugar, one table spoon with salt. Then boil marinade and add one table spoon of 9% vinegar. Heat gelatin in water until it will be dissolved. Then mix solution together with marinade and heat until it will have boiled. Then pour it into glass jars with prepared tomatoes. This amount of jelly-marinade is enough for 2,3 liters  (two jars of 0,5l and two ones of 0,65l).
     Sterilize jars during 3-5 minutes.