Stewed calf's heart

I take 1 kg of hearts, a couple of average carrots, one  big onion, several tomatos (or tomato paste or tomato juice) and a little of white flour.

I cut herarts into pieces and then dry it a little. Then I put pieces on the heated pan with sanflower oil and fry it till all water goes away. After that I add some flour and fry about a cople of minutes.

When flour and small pieces of heart have burnt a little I put heart into pot and fill pan with water. Water must boil and then I pour it into pot. Also I add there water or meat or hen broth, browned onion and cut carrot. Tomatoes I clean from skin and cut their into paste (or use tomato paste from can).

Tomato paste I put into pot too and add some spices (zira, pepper, etc).

Then mix all into pot and put it on the slow fire for a couple of hours.