Author: Helen from St. Petersburg.
Chanakhy for lazy.

 Four earthenware pots.

 Mutton (ribs or saddle) take enough for 3-4 pieces of meat in the each pot. Wash mutton, cut by pieces, put into pan, pour about two litres of water and put there about a glass of haricot (I prefer red or colour one).
  When water had boiled - take off foam and cook on the little fire till dish will be ready. Don't put bay leaf! Meat and haricot must be soft but haricot don't be too soft. In the same time put cut potato into four pots. One average potato into one pot. Pieces of potato must be large. Add cut onion and tomatoes. Then put into pots tomato paste - usually two spoons for one pot and put 1/2  pod of pepper Chile.
  After meat and haricot is ready - put them into pots, fill them with broth. On the top you can put rings of tomato or aubergine. Set pots into oven and stew there about 20-30 minutes  by temperature of 100-150 C.
  Before serve up you can add a little of lemon juice into each pot and strew green coriander.