Author: Roman from Volkhov town

    Ingredients:      10kg of white cabbage, 700g of carrot, 180-200g of salt, and five bay leaves.
    Chop  cabbage and carrot and put it into tank for fermentation by layers. Strew each layer with salt. When tank will be filled put some weight for pressure on the surface of mix and put tank in the place where temperature is 18-20 C. Regularly pierce mix for discharging gas. When pickle become bright (not muddy) you can consider the sauerkraut is ready. Process of fermentation may  taking from 4 to 7 days.
    Then put sauerkraut into glass jars and store them at the temperature  0 +2 C.

Notice from Constantine:
    Do before meal!
Put some of sauerkraut into deep plate, add sugar and sunflower (olive) oil, stir with spoon. Also you can add cranberry or (and) little bits of  sour apple.